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Meet our passionate team who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to guide you on your journey and help your church experience flow smoothly. From seasoned pastors to compassionate counselors, our staff is here to support you every step of the way. Get to know us and discover how we can walk alongside you in faith, growth, and service as we connect Truth and people together.


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Hello! My name is Chip, and I am the Lead Pastor of River Hills Church. My wife Sarah Beth and I began in ministry over 25 years ago. During that journey, we were led to church planting and that brough River Hills to fruition in 2007. Back then, the church was in our humble home with just four individuals, and from there, River Hills has grown and flourished to what it is today.

Before River Hills, our path in ministry took us through various ventures. We planted churches and nurtured college ministries in Louisiana, and we also dedicated ourselves to serving churches in South Georgia, engaging with diverse student ministries and organizations along the way.

Both Sarah Beth and I are proud alumni of Valdosta State University and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. My academic journey led me to obtain a Master of Divinity and later pursue a doctorate, while Sarah Beth focused her studies on earning a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling. She now runs her own counseling practice, pouring her heart into helping others.

Throughout my ministry career, I've worn many hats – from pastoring churches to serving as a student pastor and collegiate campus minister. I've had the privilege of speaking in various contexts and churches, and I'm deeply involved in coaching church planters and pastors across the nation.

Beyond ministry, I find immense joy in spending time with Sarah Beth, and our two children, Cade and Caroline. We tend to our farm together, finding solace and fulfillment in working the land as a family. I love staying active outdoors with traveling and workouts, and, of course, you can always find me cheering on my favorite college football team (Go DAWGS!). But above all, my greatest passion lies in sharing the Gospel and creating an environment where people can explore and understand God at their own pace. And amidst it all, my family and friends remain a great source of happiness and inspiration.

Whether you're visiting for a short time or you're a longtime member, I am grateful for the opportunity to lead you and help you discover Jesus here at River Hills. Thank you for joining us! 

-Chip Wheeler

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